Our Technology

Natalus mounts our proprietary 3D-mapping sensors, called LiDAR, on specified infrastructure. Our device uses beams of light to create a continuous depth image of any indoor or outdoor environment, as well as the assets and people within. From there our AI does the rest, analyzing the data and providing businesses (like Parking facilities, Warehouses, & Distribution companies) with real-time visual data.


Parking Impact

Security & Enforcement

Security & enforcement is costly for parking infrastructure. Automating enforcement procedures not only ensures maximum revenue gain, but decreases on-site labor costs, saving some businesses “$53,231 per year”. Natalus sensors improve real-time visualization, allowing for increased payment enforcement without hiring on-site security.

Revenue & Pricing

When facilities in LA enacted manual dynamic pricing, they saw a “50% increase in revenue after factoring in decreased labor and equipment [costs]”. Natalus allows parking facilities to implement AUTOMATIC Dyanamic Pricing options, allowing for pricing options to change according to the number of spaces available.

Space Utilization

Operators are unaware or incapable of knowing when their lots are full or empty, often times relying on manual count of available space or relying on inaccurate data. This results in parking facilities closing early and missing out on the “$4,000-$8,000 per year” in profit each space generates. Natalus provides an accurate number of available spaces.